Thursday, 9 June 2011

365 Day Project: Day 2: June 9th: 'Visitor from Outer Space'

Barely two minute into June 9th, this amazing little being appeared on our kitchen wall. Talk about the perfect photo opportunity! I took a few shots before inviting my fascinated daughter to sneak into a couple of them, which enhanced the whole shot for my eye considerably...

Afterwards we very gently caught our little visitor in a suitable container and took him back to outer space. Sitting on top of the dustbin, he raised his head and had a jolly good look at us both before launching up into the sky, so big and bright that we could watch the journey upwards with out mouths in our hearts :-) And then he was gone  just like magic! Amazing...


N.B. If you're wondering what a 9 year old was doing out of bed at 00:02 on a Thursday, we were so involved in reading 'The Madman' by Khalil Gibran that we totally lost track of time! One of the great perks of 'unschooling' is that one can stay up as late as one likes and stay in bed in the morning to compensate ;-)

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