Thursday, 9 June 2011

365 Day Project: Day 1: 8th June 2011: 'Sweet Little Bird'

Day 1: June 8th 2011: 'Sweet Little Bird'

I could not have asked for a more fortuitous beginning to the 365 Day Project: whilst out for a stroll this morning, my daughter and I happened upon this delightful little Long-Tailed Titmouse fledgeling, out on his or her own and clearly not much phased by humans yet! After thrilling us with a superb show of caterpillar catching in a small beech tree right alongside the path (within arms' reach), he or she flitted down to retrieve the fallen grub. Having swallowed it, the little sweetie proceed to take a nap on the ground right next to us. Amazing!

"I love life, Mama!"
"Me too, Gracie!"

Wow :-)

N.B. The post-editing work on this shot was all very experimental for me: another positive aspect to the project is that, having committed to posting one image every day, the creative juices are being given a if they needed them, LOL!

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