Monday, 13 June 2011

365 Day Project: Day 6: June 13th: 'Coffee House Reflections'

365 Day Project: Day 6: June 13th: 'Coffee House Reflections'

One of my favourite activities is candid (stealth!) photography: people are so fascinating when they don't know they're being observed ;o) 

Whilst being treated to a cappuccino this morning, my eye was drawn to these two ladies and the reflections they were casting in the glass opposite me. The lady on the right was very animated and talkative, and the body language between them spoke volumes! I loved the way I could see their faces in the glass when they had their backs to me. Just the perfect photo opportunity, really, especially since the animated lady was far too absorbed in her chat to notice the sneaky bird with the camera in the corner!

It took me an hour or so in Photoshop to get the lighting and the focus the way I really wanted them - this project is really inspiring me to learn all sorts of new things! I discovered 'box blur' whilst working on this - very cool indeed!

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