Tuesday, 28 June 2011

365 Day Project: Day 20: June 28th: 'In An English Country Garden'

Day 20: In an English Country Garden

We babysat this garden (well, the dog and cat that call it their home) yesterday, which was a wonderful treat...'Gracie' spent most of the time hanging out with the Mr and Mrs Newtington and Monsieur Le Frog...hmmm, and I wonder how Mama spent the day...? click, click, click...!

I am absolutely delighted with this sepia shot - I think it is right up there with my very best work, and makes me wonder what on earth I might achieve with a pro camera! The original colour shot was already very promising, but when I started playing with it, at some point I converted it to sepia and just about fell off my chair - it suddenly sprang to life and became something very, very different...and very, very lovely :o) 

My post-editing skills are improving quite rapidly as a result of this 365 day project: I can't bear the idea of producing a years' worth of throw-away shots ;o)  So I was able to tweak the sepia tones and contrast, and the blur and vignette to make the whole thing look...well, really special, I reckon :o)  I'm very happy for Gracie that she'll have lovely images of herself to refer back to - and I'm enjoying it SO much! I love 'painting' with photography!

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