Wednesday, 22 June 2011

365 Day Project: Day 14: June 21st: 'Snail Hunters Inc'

365 Day Project: Day 13: June 21st: 'Snail Hunters Inc'

When the rain comes out, so do the snails - and so do we!

I am clearly the only parent in our neighbourhood crazy enough to go out in the pouring rain (with a camera!) to join in with snail hunting...! ;o) But unless you get out there with your children, how will you ever know what fun you're missing out on? And how will they know that there are still adults on this planet who enjoy and appreciate nature's wonders?

Quite apart from the joy of snails, and the joy of joyful snail-loving girls, I was in photo-op heaven when I saw that row of busy, busy matching pinks :o) Music to my eyes! It took me an age to figure out how to add the textures and effects to this shot without losing them...! Again, all good Fun, though - and all natural, in-context learning, which works just as well in my own life as it does in my daughters :o)

So after collecting them in various jars and receptacles, and at bedtime the snails were released back into the wild - except for two each who were selected for the privilege (!) of overnighters. I do believe two of them were destined for whatever the British equivalent of 'show and tell' is the next day, but ours were reunited with their brethren the following morning...

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